Teams, Levels & Basic Rules

We endeavor to maintain team sizes at 22 players or less, but that is not always practical due to the variability in registration. We attempt to accept every child who wants to play the game of football and meets the age requirements.

OPRFYF primarily competes in the Big 10 and PAC 10 divisions of the TCYFL.
Big 10 teams are comprised mostly of players that have substantial prior football experience, and compete on the highest level.
Pac 10 teams are instructional teams. Pac 10 players are those who are still developing their skill levels, athletic abilities, or players who are new to the sport.

PAC 10 Teams play under the 11-ON, 11-OFF rule, so most if not all Pac 10 players will have a starting position. This is a TCYFL league rule implemented to promote learning for all participants in the developmental level.

2013 Age and weight rules* are strictly enforced by the league, and each player must be weighed-in prior to each game. Your player's exact weight is determined by our official scales. Weight limits are increased by one half pound a week throughout the season.

Games are generally played either on Saturday or Sunday, but occasionally older levels may play one (1) away game on a Friday night. All players must arrive at the playing field no later than 1 hour before each game for weigh-in. In the Pac-10 instructional level, and the Big-10 Heavyweight level players weights also determine ball carrying eligibility from the non-ball carrying players ( Stripers/Double Stripers: see the TCYFL age/weight parameters). In general, stripers/double stripers are players who have exceeded the ball-carrying weight limit for that division. Stripers/double stripers cannot carry the ball and must play as an interior lineman (Center, Guard or Tackle on Offense; Noseguard or Tackle on defense).

*2014 Age and Weight Rules are likely to be the same as 2013