Code of Ethics

Parents will be required to read, sign, return, and abide by a parental code of ethics.

OPRF Youth Football and Cheerleading Parent and Fan Code of Conduct AGREEMENT

All parents and guardians with children playing football and participating in cheerleading in the Oak Park River Forest Youth Football program agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct provisions. If any of these are violated, OPRFYF shall have the authority and obligation to impose a penalty, which may include your removal from the practice field or stadium, and/or your child's suspension or expulsion from the league.

1. We agree to respect field barriers. League rules require that all parents and fans remain outside the tapes or barriers set up along the practice or game field. When in a stadium, we must remain in the stadium seats. Only players, coaches and officers are allowed within the barriers during practice or games, unless requested by a supervisor or officials.

2. We agree to cheer for our team and our child in a positive way. We will refrain from negative comments. Abusive or profane language will not be tolerated at any time. The referee has the authority to assess a fifteen yard penalty for the behavior of an unruly fan, and also to remove any unruly fan from the area.

3. We agree to not instruct or criticize the coaches from the stands, or in front of the players. If we have an issue with a coach we will speak to him directly and privately, either individually or as a group of parents. If we are unable to do this, we will request the help of the Coaching Coordinator or a Board Member.

4. We agree to treat opposing players, coaches, fans and facilities with respect.

5. We agree to respect the judgment calls by the officials.

6. We agree to emphasize with our player that good athletes are good students and that they must manage their time with schoolwork as a priority.

7. We agree to emphasize sportsmanship with our player and emphasize that OPRF Youth Football players are competitive on the field and gentlemen off the field.

8. We agree to celebrate victory, but emphasize with our player that true sportsmen are modest in victory and gracious in defeat. We recognize that both teams have worked hard to compete, regardless of final score.

9. We agree NOT to use any tobacco products, consume alcoholic beverages, use or posses illegal substances on any fields, practice or game, where youngsters are present.