A primary objective of this program is to underscore the responsibility of being a member of a team. Attendance at practice is critical for the safety and well-being of each player and affects the success and morale of the team. Football is a highly organized, building block sport, which requires thought, timing and coordination among 11 participants during each play. Missing practice may mean missing important fundamentals. It is our experience that players that miss too many practices, regardless of their skill levels are more easily confused in a game situation. This confusion sometimes distracts from the enjoyment of the game for all teammates and the effectiveness of the team. At no time will a coach play an individual who he/she thinks is not appropriately prepared to participate.

Our Coaches are all volunteers who make significant personal sacrifices to be available for practice. Coaches take a great deal of time to organize practices. Each minute of practice is planned so that every player has a maximum amount of participation to develop the skills, conditioning, and knowledge they require. A coach must know how many players will attend to plan the best drills, exercises, instruction and scrimmage. It is inconsiderate to the coaches to neglect to tell them in advance about the limitations in a player's practice schedule.

When a player knows that he is going to be absent, he/she has the responsibility to notify their coach in advance. Players with unexcused absences can expect reduced playing time.

Coaches understand that occasional school conflicts arise, and we prioritize academics first. However, we also expect players to use good time management skills to complete school work and accommodate practice.

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