OPRF Youth Football Philosophy & Mission Statement

To provide a broad and inclusive program of organized football for grade school children, substantially residing in Oak Park and River Forest, at a variety of levels based upon age, weight, and experience, with instruction to: (1) Improve and develop their capability to play the game of football; (2) Promote a positive sportsmanship and competitive attitude; and (3) Learn the appropriate balance between athletics and scholastic achievement, in order to prepare them for the opportunities they will face in high school and higher education.

The philosophy of the OAK PARK RIVER FOREST YOUTH FOOTBALL (OPRFYF) is to create an environment where children of a wide variety of ages, weights, and abilities can participate in the game of tackle football and by doing so have fun, learn personal commitment, team commitment, develop excellent football skills, and make lasting friendships with other players living throughout our communities.

We do not cut players from our program based on athletic ability. The only reason a player will be removed from the program is due to their own bad behavior.

Our philosophy includes a major emphasis on academic commitment, as an integral part of athletic commitment, necessary to succeed in their current grade level and beyond. Our players will develop mental and physical abilities through a commitment to daily structured practices. The OPRFYF philosophy also stresses physical fitness, safety, fair play, sportsmanship, and FUN.

League Affiliation
The Huskies participate in The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) that includes 33 towns in the area. The TCYFL, which has been in existence since 1998, actively regulates the rules and tenor of play.

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